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John Essigman, MS, MPAS® Photo

John Essigman, MS, MPAS®

Cleveland GA
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John Essigman, MS, MPAS® 

John is an investment adviser representative and financial planner with a passion for helping families achieve their personal, business, and financial goals. He first entered the financial services industry in 2004 to pursue a life-long ambition of building a private practice. John’s career spans more than 35 years in business and he brings broad experience to his Financial Wellness practice.

John holds an Associate of Arts Degree, Computer Science, a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Business Management, and a Master of Science  Degree, Personal Financial Planning.  

John is originally from Southwest Texas and is a US Marine Corps Veteran. When he's not studying or working, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Glenda, and their children.

Member of the White County Chamber of Commerce
Treasurer and Board Member of the White County Rotary Club

Founding member of North Georgia Business Leaders
Former member of the Habersham Technical Rescue Team
Former member of Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors
Former member of The American Red Cross Board of Directors
Former member of Society for Human Resource Management Board of Directors
Former member of the Joint Development Authority of Dawson, Lumpkin, and White Counties

I Will:

1. Never deliver a financial plan that is incomplete or not the most appropriate for you.

2. Tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

3. Always protect your privacy and work towards your unique goals and objectives.

4. Take the moral high ground and will never compromise my integrity or violate your trust.

I provide a thoughtful, intelligent approach to helping you make money and mitigate risk 

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As an investment advisory representative, I will provide asset allocation and rebalancing, risk management, portfolio enhancements, tax planning strategies, and on-going reviews. Investment portfolios are built based upon your unique goals and characteristics.  A refined, carefully selected portfolio of securities will provide ample diversification and results at an affordable cost.

My office is uniquely experienced to assist you with investments held by a trust, which requires advanced knowledge of trust language and taxation.  I will work very closely with your trustee, beneficiaries, and CPA to ensure that investments are structured according to the directives as stated in the trust document.  

One of the largest issues clients face is holding themselves accountable to their long-term financial goals. Money provides the funding for those goals but the goals themselves are generally about love for their parents, their kids, their spouse, their church and/or all of the above. Here is how I can help:


Gather Your Information

Your first appointment is complimentary and very low-key. If you and I don’t click or if I cannot help you then I will send you to someone who can.


Discover Your Goals 

I will help guide your decision on when you would like to retire and how much income you might need. You and I will discuss your dreams on what you want to do for your children, your grandchildren, your parents, or maybe your favorite charitable organization.


Prepare Your Plan

I will crunch the numbers to figure out the cost, the time frame and how much to set aside to reach your goals. I will also prepare a contingency plan to help ensure your goals are met.


Staying Your Course

I will conduct quarterly or annual reviews and make adjustments as necessary. This ensures that you and I account for any changes in your life or financial position.

Build a roadmap to your financial future